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  • Why do some satnavs have Bluetooth?

    Satnavs with Bluetooth connect to your phone wirelessly for hands-free calling.

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  • Which satnav screen size is the best?

    Typically, satnavs come in 3.5 inch, 4.3 inch and 4.7 inch models. While 3.5 inch screens are adequate for infrequent satnav users, if you use your satnav a lot, you should opt for at least a 4.3 inch model.

  • Who makes the best satnavs?

    There are a number of great manufacturers which produce satnavs. Two of the best companies are TomTom and Garmin.

  • Can I use my smartphone as a satnav?

    Yes. There are a number of great smartphone satnav applications out there. However, if you plan on using your smartphone as a satnav be sure to purchase a mount and in-car charger for it.

  • Why do some satnavs have an FM transmitter?

    This allows you to convert satnav instructions or music from an mp3 player so that it can play through your car speakers.

  • What does a satnav do?

    Using GPS, a satnav locates your position and can calculate how to get to another destination. While some models only display a route and directions on the screen, most models will read out the directions to you too.

  • What is 2D and 3D mapping?

    These are two ways by which a map can be viewed. 2D mapping offers a view that looks like a regular paper map. Differently, 3D maps give you a more realistic portrayal of the map.

  • What are integrated satnavs?

    These are satnavs that are incorporated in the dashboard of upmarket cars.

  • What does the ‘points of interest’ feature on a satnav do?

    This helpful feature can be used to point out a number of important places as you drive along, such as petrol stations, cash points and hotels.

  • What is a portable satnav?

    Portable satnavs are standalone devices which can be mounted on the windscreen of the car and are the most common type of satnav., All Rights Reserved