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  • What is the difference between a trumpet and a cornet?

    What is the difference between a trumpet and a cornet? Both instruments sound the same and look similar (however, a trumpet is a bit longer and slimmer). The main difference between these instruments is tubing as a cornet is more flared.

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  • Is there a difference between a fiddle and a violin?

    No. they are synonyms for the same instrument.

  • Which percussion instruments are good for beginners?

    Good percussion players will eventually be able to play all of the instruments in the section. However, the best way to learn is to start with pitched instruments like bells before moving on to non-pitched instruments like drums.

  • Which type of saxophone is best for beginners, alto or tenor?

    As tenor saxophones can be quite difficult to handle, it is recommended that beginners start out with an alto saxophone.

  • Which type of guitar amp is best for beginners?

    Most people opt for a combo amp as it is convenient and versatile., All Rights Reserved