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  • What is a road bike?

    This is a type of bicycle which has been optimized for cycling on the road and is characterized by skinny tires with minimal tread.

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  • When should I replace my bicycle helmet?

    You should replace your bicycle helmet after an accident or a significant knock as this will damage the internal foam.

  • What is a folding bike?

    A folding bike is a style of bicycle which can be folded down when not in use. This makes it great for commuting and the perfect solution for those who have compact living quarters.

  • What is a mountain bike?

    Though originally designed for mountainous terrain, these bikes are incredibly versatile and are suited to a range of environments. They are characterized by light frames and wide tires with plenty of grip.

  • Which type of bike is best for cycling in the woods?

    If you enjoy cycling off-road, you are best off opting for a mountain bike as they have wide tires with plenty of grip.

  • What are town bikes?

    Also called Dutch bikes, these upright bikes are the perfect option for those who want to cycle in everyday clothes as they have enclosed chains and mudguards.

  • What are BMX bikes?

    These are small, heavy-duty bikes with 20 inch wheels and wide tyres. Due to their agile design they are popular bikes with those who enjoy practicing stunts.

  • What are the main advantages of a folding bicycle?

    The main draw is that they are very portable which makes them a great choice with commuters. In addition, folding bicycles do not take up much room, making them a perfect solution for those who want a bike but do not have much storage space.

  • How much do folding bicycles weigh?

    Folding bicycles are relatively light. The cheapest models weigh around 14kg where as more premium folding bikes weigh closer to 10kg.

  • What is an electric bike?

    An electric bike is a type of bicycle which as a built-in electric motor that can assist with pedalling., All Rights Reserved